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My mission is to empower all leaders to meet this moment of AI innovation, harnessing the power of ethics to drive success and positive societal impact.

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Laura Miller's journey is one of remarkable distinction, recognized by prestigious institutions such as NASA and the US State Department for her exceptional contributions to AI ethics. Born and raised in New Jersey but deeply rooted in St. Louis, Missouri, Laura's story is one of unwavering commitment to ethical innovation.

Armed with a profound understanding of applied ethics from the University of Missouri - St. Louis, where she graduated with highest honors, Laura embarked on a mission to redefine the ethical landscape of technology. As the founder and CEO of NextGen Ethics, she oversees pioneering groundbreaking advancements in AI ethics and reshaping industry standards. Her influence extends beyond organizational boundaries, with her strategic insights sought after on esteemed tech advisory boards, including those supported by the Linux Foundation.


Keynote Speaking
  • Transformational Keynote Speech

  • Technical Keynote Speech

  • Inspirational Keynote Speech

  • Experiential Keynote Speech

Professional Development
  • The Importance of Ethics

  • Overcoming Challenges to Doing Ethics

  • Becoming an Ethics-Informed Professional

  • Using AI at Work

  • Strategic Advantage: "Doing Ethics"

  • Operationalizing Ethics

  • SMB AI Readiness Preparation

  • Leading an Ethics-Informed Team

Fireside Coffee Chats
  • AI readiness explored

  • The ethical urgency of today

  • The limits of privacy, bias, and traditional frameworks

  • The move to ethical AI




I think sometime Ethics can seem to be something that's hard to grasp, but what I love about Laura is she's able to take something that seems overwhelming and make it simple. I always enjoy being in conversation with her because I always know I'll hear a new question that I haven't explored yet, which allows me to find the real answers for me and the businesses I serve. If you have any opportunity to be in conversation with Laura - about anything really, but ESPECIALLY AI Ethics - please don't hesitate!



From the start, she's been very proactive and involved with what I wanted to do and what my goals were even if at times I didn't even know what they were. I loved all the reading assignments and our weekly discussions helped me a lot. The fact that this mentorship has evolved into friendship is yet another bonus. Laura is a great professional, she is multimodal and never stops :)

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I have found Laura to be perceptive in her work and generous in her willingness to share her knowledge. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and she has a brilliant mind. I enjoy collaborating with her and learning from her experiences. I am grateful not only for her professional example, but for her kindness and warmth.

Listened to the podcast: Beyond Good Intentions..." Amazed by your incredible work.

Dr. Kumari, India

"... I am in awe of your expertise and great communication you showed on the session. Thanks for sharing your knowledge."

— Vivek Kashap, CA

You were FANTASTIC at this year’s seminar!  So much so, that we would like to invite you back to speak next year... It wouldn't be the same without you.

— Corrie Reed, OH

Your expertise and unique perspective brought immense value to the episode, and I am confident that our listeners will find it both informative and engaging. 

— Matt Di Francesco, PA


Let the journey into AI begin...


Establishing a Culture of AI Innovation and Transformation

Embracing AI is something that many companies hope to do. Yet, few are prepared for the changes in the organization that will be needed to effectively engage with it. This isn't merely a move to increase speed - it encompasses changes in processes, structures, behaviors, and mindsets to enable agility across the entire organization.

This talk will empower and motivate leaders to drive ethical change within their organizations with three takeaways:​

1. Learn the value of investing in the foundational change needed to succeed.

2. Identify your early adopters and change makers who are your best allies in this process.

3. Understand the power of having a strategic plan for change to avoid burn out and frustration.

Privacy and Ethics in the Age of AI:
Where We Begin

This talk delves into the foundational principles of privacy as an entry point to the deeper conversation of ethics related to AI-driven innovations. This discussion sheds light on the fundamental considerations shaping technology's future and our partnership with it.

Laura will provide you with three practical takeaways that can help inform your choices and drive your success, today:

1. Understand how to use the principles of privacy and expand them to begin your work in doing ethics.

2. Discover the value of "The Ethical Edge" in innovation.

3. Gain an appreciation for the ethical tech and the three frameworks that you need to succeed.

Workshop: AI Readiness Blueprint

This 2-day workshop is a facilitated process that includes a personalized AI readiness audit and a bespoke 30-60-90 implementation plan tailored to your unique needs. This workshop is designed to apply strategy and data to determine where you fall on the readiness spectrum, prov

Led by Laura, this workshop will provide you with your bespoke plan and three practical takeaways to help inform future choices:​

1. Learn the reasons that you are (or are not) ready to embrace AI innovation.

2. Discover the best launching points for your AI integration.

3. Draft written policies to support your AI use and to support your employees and clients as you begin.

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