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Lack of Regulation and AI Innovations

Law traditionally is the only constraint on business. For most businesses, the drive for profit has long outweighed the need for ethics. Yet AI posed a new challenge to the traditional view of "doing business"—the need to "do ethics" since regulations are largely absent and business problems and challenges are unlimited.
The Regulatory Landscape
The EU AI Act
Legal Challenges and Issues
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Understanding our world and the impact of AI on it is a significant challenge for all those involved in ethics and technology.

Top 10 topics to explore in AI and Law:

  1. Bias and Discrimination

  2. Lack of Accountability

  3. Privacy Violations

  4. Security Vulnerabilities

  5. Legal Uncertainty

  6. Copyright

  7. Reliability and Accuracy

  8. Data Security

  9. Inequality in Access to Justice

  10. Regulatory Compliance Challenges


Updated September 29, 2023

"This Legal Sidebar explores questions that
courts and the U.S. Copyright Office have begun to confront regarding whether generative AI outputs
may be copyrighted and how generative AI might infringe copyrights in other works."

Legal Sidebar from the Congressional Research Center - DOWNLOAD >



"Insights from data and machine learning algorithms can be invaluable, but mistakes can be irreversible. These recent high-profile AI blunders illustrate what can go wrong."

  1. Air Canada pays damages for chatbot lies

  2. Sports Illustrated may have published AI-generated writers

  3. Gannett AI flubs high school sports articles

  4. iTutor Group’s recruiting AI rejects applicants due to age

  5. ChatGPT hallucinates court cases

  6. AI algorithms identify everything but COVID-19

  7. Zillow wrote down millions, slashed workforce due to algorithmic home-buying disaster

  8. Healthcare algorithm failed to flag Black patients

  9. Dataset trained Microsoft chatbot to spew racist tweets

  10. Amazon AI-enabled recruitment tool only recommended men

Read the article here >

Law + AI Links

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