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Now offering:
AI Ready Blueprint for SMBs

Elevate your ethical AI approach with a personalized readiness audit and a bespoke 30-60-90 implementation plan tailored to your unique needs.
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Young woman blowing holi powder from hands to camera. Happy woman covered in rainbow color

The colors on this site invoke the colors of Holi, a Hindu religious festival celebrating the triumph of good over evil. And we certainly need that conviction as we work through AI innovation.

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Under Development:
AI Ethics Pledge

In a world of turmoil and shrinking rights, commitment, by all, to the positive impact of AI in our world is needed. Help us write and develop the ethical AI pledge, today - all are welcome! It only takes an email stating your interest in helping to get started!

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Proposed Schedule:

Rough Draft
May 1, 2024

White Paper

July 1, 2024

Final Pledge to Sign

White Paper Published

August 1, 2024

Signing badges

Online List of Signers Opens

September 1, 2024


AI Ready Blueprint for SMBs

Using our AIReady Blueprint and audit process you'll be ready to meet this moment.

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The Ethical Edge in Tech

NextGen redefines modern tech ethics, environmental impact, and people-centric concerns in talks around the world.


Our Modern World >
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Guidance through Leadership

Recognized by: NIST, Open Voice Network, NASA for IDEA initiatives, and Dept. of State sponsorship - we do ethics differently.

Ethical leadership >

Ethics in tech: Child Protections

At NextGen beginning development of our own AI solution - an app for good.

Creating child protections >

Highway to Destiny

We strategically support their mission and the houseless they provide for as a board member and supporter.

Needs in the world >


Doing ethics in the world

To be an ethicist is to explore our world and our struggles, harms, and successes. In AI ethics understanding the technology is only one of many areas of expertise that is needed.

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