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Laura Miller Receives Prestigious Award at Global HEaL Conference

St. Louis — In celebrating innovation, collaboration, and transformative contributions to the global landscape of education and healthcare, Laura Miller, Chief Ethics Officer at NextGen Ethics, has been honored with a prestigious award at the Global HEaL Conference.

About the HEaL Conferences:

The HEaL Conferences, renowned as a worldwide initiative, serve as a catalyst for change by bringing together diverse stakeholders, including students, educators, healthcare professionals, industry leaders, C-level executives, non-governmental organizations, and government entities. These conferences provide a dynamic forum for collaboration, idea exchange, and collective efforts to shape the future of education and healthcare on a global scale.

The Award and Laura Miller's Impact:

The award bestowed upon Laura is a recognition of exceptional dedication, innovative contributions, and leadership in Education. Laura's impactful work has significantly contributed to the advancement of online safety and child protection globally, aligning with the mission and spirit of the Global HEaL Conference.

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