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The Process:
AI Ready Blueprint for SMBs

Elevate your ethical AI approach with a personalized readiness audit and a bespoke 30-60-90 implementation plan tailored to your unique needs.
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The best laid plans can go awry. We're here to help prevent that from happening by ensuring you know if you are ready for AI. And if not, we can help you understand what you need to do to get ready!

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"AI Ethics in Action

Packt Publishing, Release: Fall 2024

The Process


Driving AI Forward: Ethically

The challenge with AI is that many organizations are unsure where to begin. Even reaching out to us can raise questions about what's needed to seek assistance. The answer is simple: just contact us. We understand your needs, pitfalls, and potential pain points. Taking that first step is the hardest part.

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Wait - is doing this AI Readiness Blueprint process doing ethics?

We have incorporated ethical concerns within the process. So, yes, ethics is part of it! But, this is not all that ethics in AI is or what is needed for ethical AI.

So, this is part ethics, but there are so many more opportunities to embrace ethics!

Group project assembly

Did you know that "While 28% of employees are using generative AI at work, 55% using unapproved tools – and 40% are using actively banned tools." If you don't say anything about your expectations, employees will decide for you. Source

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"Unethical business practices come with a hefty price tag, extending far beyond mere financial hits. The repercussions extend to a company's reputation, legal standing, employee morale, customer relationships, and overall market positioning. Trust, something money can't buy, hangs in the balance, and once it's lost, reclaiming it becomes a monumental task." Source

Changing the narrative of ethics in technology >     The future is ethical >


We're sure you want to learn more (and see those forms!). However, we can only publish so much due to web scraping and proprietary processes. But, if you reach out for a call or to discuss our process we can share more.

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"Competitive advantage is critical for almost all companies, but is frequently limited because of the ease and speed with which it can be copied. A unique source of competitive advantage, which cannot be easily copied, therefore has far greater value. Workplace ethics offers such a source: it is not easy to copy, cannot be bought or sold, cannot be owned, but rather must be lived every day." Source

At NextGen Ethics, we describe this as the Ethical Edge.

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